Battle of the Bands is the 11-12th episode in Season 1 of The Naked Brothers BandIt is the 11th episode overall.


Part 1

The band is performing Nat's new song L.A. in front of a green screen. They stop and let the viewers know it was an experiment for the music video: getting the viewers distracted by the pictures of L.A. so they ignore the song in general.

Later, the band is looking at signed albums for Little Kid Rock, a charity providing free instruments and lessons to children in low-income cities. The albums have been signed by a band named The L.A. Surfers, most notably the lead singer, Bobby Love. The boys (except Nat) criticize their contribution to the charity. Rosalina doesn't think it is strange at all, and says that Bobby is a great guy. The boys (one again, except Nat) tease her for it, but she asserts that she "respects him as a musician". Nat and Alex are then shown looking at The L.A. Surfers' website, finding out more about Bobby. Nat gets worried that Rosalina might fall for Bobby and lose interest in himself. Alex suggests Nat try and impress her with an English accent, having done it before. He does so, but fails with Rosalina being punked by Nat

When Nat is in the bathroom with Alex trying to wash out the orange hair dye, he talks about trying to befriend Bobby Love, seeing as he's committed to the cause.

Part 2



  • It's revealed that Sonny and Betty have formed a band: The Honey Bunnies.
  • References from the movie are made.
    • Nat's English accent
    • Letting a girl into Nat's band being a bad idea

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