The World (As We Know It Today) is a song written by Nat Wolff and performed by The Naked Brothers Band. It appeared in the Season 3 episode, "Naked Idol".


iPods, cellphones, rap music, snow cones
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, watching the old Rolling Stones
Paul Newman, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Steve McQuene
Marshal Mathers, Akon and James Brown
Is going strong

Iraq War, Candie Stores and Mr. Al Gore
Bono, DiCaprio, better than the unknown
Darfur, Corners wall, Global warming, people stall
Bin Laden
Trade center
And all the deaths
Do you remember?

The world
As we know it today
The world
As we know it today

Chevy, Ford, Mustangs
Jaguar into Spain
America is in debt
You might get upset
Paul McCartney back again
That is such a blessing
Computers, iTunes
Albums by the soul
So, anyone can make a movie
Everyone just seems so stupid
Television rules the world
The minds of little boys and girls
All the people in Katrina
Need a place to live
Sagon wheel, Jamba Juice
And freakin Kous-Kous

The world
As we know it today [x4]

Techno, picture phones
Brand names, sticks and stones
Hip-Hop, China
Gangstas, Flo Rida
East Wood, Dr. Dre
Timberland's hayday
Lohan, Hilton, Richie
And Britney Spears
O.J. Simpson
Fighting off his demons
LA palm trees
New York taxis
Nukes in America
Cause a hysteria
Charles Manson
Helter Skelter
We need a homeless shelter

The world
As we know it today [x6]

The world