VMA's is the pilot episode of The Naked Brothers Band.


The Naked Brothers Band is invited to the Video Music Awards (VMA's).


The episode begins with Nat telling the viewers how he and The Naked Brothers Band won the Video Music Awards. That morning, at the Wolff apartment, Nat and Alex Wolff listen in on 102.7 KISS-FM as it plays Banana Smoothie by The Naked Brothers Band. Ryan Seacrest mentions on air that they are being nominated at the MTV Video Music Awards. The moment he says "There's a lot of competition this year", Alex turns off the radio. He's disappointed that the broadcst didn't end on a good note. Nat turns it back on, and when the boys hear two good sentences, they shut it back off.

Later, Nat and Alex are having breakfast. Sonny asks the boys if he can sit in at the performance of the VMA's but they refuse.



  • Cole, who replaced Josh as the band's guitarist, is in turn replaced by Qaasim from this episode onwards.

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